Free Retro Sweets UK

Free Sweets I don’t think you can beat the old time sweets and chocolate like spangles, sherbet lemons, flying saucers and black jacks, You can get them all at ‘sweets for free’ for very little work. It takes me back to when I was a kid, calling in at the local shop with my mates and 10p for a bag of half pence old time sweets.

Free Money On Tap

Get Free Money In 2013 My Survey paid out over 9 million pounds in commission to its members who enjoyed either vouchers from Amazon, Argos, Boots or Paypal payments. You too can join the easy way to make money online and it’s free to register. The great thing about working on-line you can make money 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. I wake up in a morning and check my account to see if payments have come through. Go on holiday when you want, take a laptop and still make cash, your now in the internet era where money can be made with the click of a mouse.

Free Pumpkin Stencils

Pumpkin Stencils It’s that ‘Halloween’ time of year again when every kid, adult and dog get dressed up to spook the living day lights out of you! You’ve paid for the pumpkin and on your way home fear hits, what can you carve that will impress the neighbours? Don’t worry get your free pumpkin stencils here, boogie nights to giant spiders, just print them off and start hacking.

Free Astral Nutrition Samples

Nutrition Samples Astral Nutrition are offering free samples of their product range when you sign up to the newsletter. Thermaxin helps you loose weight by burning off fat faster, giving you a leaner look especially after a gym workout. Regen is a product that helps your body recover faster after a workout and helps sleep. Often when samples are sent out they included extra discount vouchers to encourage you to buy.

Free Advanced Half Term Bike Workshop

Free Bike Workshop Half term is about to be thrust upon us parents and Halfords are running their every popular kids free bike workshops this October break. This one is an advanced course which shows the children how to remove a wheel, replace brake pads and checking the bike over for winter. These courses give the kids a safety insight as well as practical advice on bike maintenance, also something to do in the holidays especially if the weather is bad.

Free B&Q DIY Classes for Adults

Free DIY I bet most folk could turn their hand to a bit of DIY if they had the confidence. This is where B&Q DIY classes for adults come in and could also save you a fortune instead of paying tradesmen. You need to join the free B&Q club to get the classes where you can learn basic plastering, plumbing and other home skills.